The other side


There's a whole other side of my photography hobby that few visitors to this site have ever seen. I really like doing landscape shots. In fact, I'm reasonably certain that my eye for landscapes is much better than my eye for portraiture (though I'm working on that); the shots come easier and with far less in the way of post production.   (read more...)



Like a lot of people, and reportedly the majority of men, I'm a very visual person when it comes to that which arouses me.

I have a finely tuned appreciation of the lines and arcs of human anatomy, especially those of the female form. The curve of an ass, the taper of a calf, the swell of a breast, the slope of a nape and the depth of an eye are all things that will make me swoon; they will make me taste desire as viscerally as a meal after a fast.   (read more...)

Rope 101 at Dec. 15th BRAG


I'm going to be running the Rope 101 class at next week's BRAG meeting, and it seems like a good idea to give people who might be new to things an idea of what they can expect.

Whether you've been doing it for years, and just want to kick the rust off, or if you've never even seen a piece of rope in person, don't be afraid to come to this class. My goal is to run you through the basics in a way that makes sense, and if we do it right, a way that'll be immediately useful.   (read more...)

At Play Parties

I know you're excited. So are we.

The stuff we do is fun, different, sexy, and sometimes even illegal. It's designed to elicit a strong reaction, so of course it's exciting.   (read more...)

FetLife Holiday Contest


On the off chance that you (who are likely to be a kinky individual) haven't already seen this, FetLife is running a holiday toy give away.

There's a lot of great stuff being donated by their sponsors for this contest, so you should fill out the form and sign up for FetLife if you haven't already.

All the cool kids are doing it!

Obligitory Launch Story


Holy crap, I made a website.

Now I have a place to put up BIG pictures and maybe tutorials, if I ever get around to writing the taxonomy and layout rules for them.

Oh, and I pulled a bunch of stuff from FetLife over here, so it'd look a little more lived in, so nothing new yet. Other than the fact that it's hosted here, of course.


There are inherent dualities to tying a person.

With shibari, I've experienced the controlled precision of the tie versus the excitement of the power exchange, the constriction of the body versus the freeing of the mind, the warmth of the embrace versus its unyielding nature, the beauty of the lines and forms and body assembled versus the discomfort and pain of a stringent position, and of course, the power versus the responsibility.   (read more...)

Uh Oh...


My brain is at it again.

I honestly don't know where I get this stuff.

Much like the last one, I'm not 100% sure I'm ready/willing/able to make this happen, but here it is for your amusement at least.   (read more...)

A fantasy... maybe.


My mind invents things.

Frequently these things are scenarios.

I tend to revise them until they've reached an appropriate level of ridiculousness, and then decide whether or not it's still something I would want to do. The ridiculousness is important because it helps me identify whether it's the novelty of the thought, or the underlying thing - the initial proposition itself that piques my interest.   (read more...)

TEASE: the Aftermath



Last weekend I was at TEASE up in Ontario. I had an amazing time there. I met a whole bunch of wonderful people, and I saw and did a lot of really fun and hot things.

But that's not why I'm writing this.   (read more...)

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