Obligitory Launch Story


Holy crap, I made a website.

Now I have a place to put up BIG pictures and maybe tutorials, if I ever get around to writing the taxonomy and layout rules for them.

Oh, and I pulled a bunch of stuff from FetLife over here, so it'd look a little more lived in, so nothing new yet. Other than the fact that it's hosted here, of course.


There are inherent dualities to tying a person.

With shibari, I've experienced the controlled precision of the tie versus the excitement of the power exchange, the constriction of the body versus the freeing of the mind, the warmth of the embrace versus its unyielding nature, the beauty of the lines and forms and body assembled versus the discomfort and pain of a stringent position, and of course, the power versus the responsibility.   (read more...)

Uh Oh...


My brain is at it again.

I honestly don't know where I get this stuff.

Much like the last one, I'm not 100% sure I'm ready/willing/able to make this happen, but here it is for your amusement at least.   (read more...)

A fantasy... maybe.


My mind invents things.

Frequently these things are scenarios.

I tend to revise them until they've reached an appropriate level of ridiculousness, and then decide whether or not it's still something I would want to do. The ridiculousness is important because it helps me identify whether it's the novelty of the thought, or the underlying thing - the initial proposition itself that piques my interest.   (read more...)

TEASE: the Aftermath



Last weekend I was at TEASE up in Ontario. I had an amazing time there. I met a whole bunch of wonderful people, and I saw and did a lot of really fun and hot things.

But that's not why I'm writing this.   (read more...)



In the basement, the dryer hums and clunks next to an open duffel bag. In the driveway, my Jeep sits full of camping gear. In the living room, my so-vanilla-it-hurts roommates are watching TV. In my bedroom, I sit on my bed typing this surrounded by bags of fetish gear.   (read more...)

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