Chapter 5 - And running, and running...


Nine days ago was my one year Kinkiversary, and I completely missed it. Oddly, I was engaged in a completely unrelated set of debaucherous activities that day, but that's a different story.

Quite honestly, the past six months have been an absolute blur. Many parties, many events, many meetings, many dates and even a handful of states.

Here's a list of notable events, for posterity's sake:

  • October 20th: my first time bottoming to someone who knew what they were doing
  • October 21st: my first group photo shoot
  • October 30th: the first time I made someone orgasm in a public scene
  • December 15th: my first class as an instructor (Rope 101)
  • January 20th: Somewhat reluctantly did a first pass at coming out kinky to my sister
  • January 22-23: attended my first single instructor intensive workshop
  • February 12th: my first Fetish Flea
  • March 7th: A remarkably potent kiss that needs repeating, damnit!
  • March 9th: Two days and two states (and an entire day at work) later, my erection from the above fully receded.
  • March 12th: I was appointed to the NEDS service board - my first actual community responsibility
  • March 19th: Received my first custom-made cane (not to mention its diabolical twin and two cousins, also twins)
  • March 27th: my first (intentional) full rope suspension as top
  • April 2nd: my first public scene as a bottom.
  • April 10th: my first DM shift
  • April 11th: my first solo photo shoot, my first public photo shoot (twofer!)

So yeah, that's just the stuff I can remember. Oh, and at this point I'm up to four membership cards that I carry in my toy bag (NEDS, NELA, Bound in Boston, and The Society). Collect them all!

There's so much more going on that I'm not quite ready to talk about yet (all good). It would've been nice to put them in this update, but oh well. They will most assuredly be in the next one.