Rope 101 at Dec. 15th BRAG


I'm going to be running the Rope 101 class at next week's BRAG meeting, and it seems like a good idea to give people who might be new to things an idea of what they can expect.

Whether you've been doing it for years, and just want to kick the rust off, or if you've never even seen a piece of rope in person, don't be afraid to come to this class. My goal is to run you through the basics in a way that makes sense, and if we do it right, a way that'll be immediately useful.

Having a partner and having your own rope are definite pluses, but by no means necessary. We'll have some loaner lines of various sorts available, and we can work out the partners once everyone's there.

A list of what we're going to cover (time permitting):

  • Notes on safety
  • Types of rope
  • How rope behaves
  • two simple knots and two simple hitches
  • A single column tie
  • A double column tie
  • A simple chest harness
  • How to use just the above plus body mechanics to have really hot scenes.

I'm going to keep it fun and active, so wear something comfortable. Once we get to the last part, if you're wearing a skirt, we'll probably see your underwear, so keep that in mind. I, for one, don't have a problem with that, but unless you're using your own rope, please have something on down there. ;)

The event details can be found here.