Lessons Learned


This was originally written as a single long essay, but I decided to break it into smaller pieces for posting here.

On the Internet

Ahh, the Internet.

When Obi-Wan said about Mos Eisley, "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.", we can think of this as a simple failure of imagination.   (read more...)

The other side


There's a whole other side of my photography hobby that few visitors to this site have ever seen. I really like doing landscape shots. In fact, I'm reasonably certain that my eye for landscapes is much better than my eye for portraiture (though I'm working on that); the shots come easier and with far less in the way of post production.   (read more...)

Meditation #1

Embrace and breathe.

Lay each line by holding her in an embrace, and leaving the line under tension when your arms are removed so that the embrace doesn't end.

Embrace and breathe.

Let your breaths mingle and linger, let the heat and flow be felt, and the motion heard and seen, eye to eye, pupils dilating, blood flowing, life sharing.

Embrace and breathe.   (read more...)



Like a lot of people, and reportedly the majority of men, I'm a very visual person when it comes to that which arouses me.

I have a finely tuned appreciation of the lines and arcs of human anatomy, especially those of the female form. The curve of an ass, the taper of a calf, the swell of a breast, the slope of a nape and the depth of an eye are all things that will make me swoon; they will make me taste desire as viscerally as a meal after a fast.   (read more...)

A Path

There is a path that I seek.

I have oft repeated the mantra that I am not a douchebag, yet I have failed to adequately explain exactly what that means, even to myself.

The problem, you see, is that behavior that might be traditionally seen as epitomizing that of a douchebag is sometimes, depending on the context, completely appropriate. This dichotomy is both obvious and yet difficult to define in the context of BDSM, especially during edge play.   (read more...)

Rope 101 at Dec. 15th BRAG


I'm going to be running the Rope 101 class at next week's BRAG meeting, and it seems like a good idea to give people who might be new to things an idea of what they can expect.

Whether you've been doing it for years, and just want to kick the rust off, or if you've never even seen a piece of rope in person, don't be afraid to come to this class. My goal is to run you through the basics in a way that makes sense, and if we do it right, a way that'll be immediately useful.   (read more...)

At Play Parties

I know you're excited. So are we.

The stuff we do is fun, different, sexy, and sometimes even illegal. It's designed to elicit a strong reaction, so of course it's exciting.   (read more...)

FetLife Holiday Contest


On the off chance that you (who are likely to be a kinky individual) haven't already seen this, FetLife is running a holiday toy give away.

There's a lot of great stuff being donated by their sponsors for this contest, so you should fill out the form and sign up for FetLife if you haven't already.

All the cool kids are doing it!

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